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B&D Independence Leadership L71


B&D Independence Leadership L71

The L71D (Driver) and L71P (Passenger) are our most versatile seat bases. They can be installed in many full size vans for both driver and passenger and selected non-lowered floor mini vans. The redesigned L71D & P incorporates many of the features in our Leadership Series including being rated at 500 lbs. Note: Most late model, full size Ford and GM vans require Model L41D in the driver position because of the module under the driver seat. Optional Upgrades: Models L71D and L71P can be configured with a ComfortSafe™ Footrest, 180° Swivel, Handheld Pendant and extended travel. In some applications, it may be necessary to add riser tubes. Note: Includes ½” spacers below the slide rails. Model L71 is designed and tested in the full forward position. While it may be driven in any up/down position, the vehicle should only be driven when the seat base is in the full forward position.

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